Plan Ahead for Weight Loss Surgery

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Overeating at parties and social functions is easy to do.  Snacking is considered a bad habit after this surgery, so make “party eating” one of your meals for the day.  Never munch directly from the bowl.  Instead, place food directly on your napkin or small plate, and take only the food you are planning to eat.  Remember, you can’t eat more than a small child’s portion now.

Look for the protein items first and supplement with the other choices after you’ve eaten some protein.  Slow down your eating so you will really enjoy your food and won’t feel deprived as you finish your small portion.  A party is not a good place to try a new food for the first time after surgery.  You don’t want to end up sick or sleepy and have to go home ahead of schedule.  Take time at get-togethers to socialize more and enjoy the people present.

The greater number of events, places, and situations that you associate with food, the more often you will feel like eating or perhaps feel deprived that you can no longer eat like you once did.  Learn to focus on other things besides food.  You should eventually feel a sense of freedom from the drive to eat.


Using assertive communication can minimize conflicts and provide healthier, happier relationships.  Whenever you have a drastic lifestyle change, your relationships will definitely change too.  Helping them change for the better may require some vigilance on your part.  Be open when something bothers you by communicating it to those around you.  It will also help if you share your experience with your significant other and develop your goals and plan of attack regarding your compliance issues (exercise, follow-up appointments, vitamin purchases, etc.) with them.  Support groups help tremendously with these situations.  Spouses are welcome and may learn that others might be having a hard time as well.

The commitment to have surgery is frequently a very private and personal decision.  Some people do not wish to share this choice with others.  Soon most people will notice your weight loss.  Preparing an answer in advance often will help you out of an uncomfortable situation.

Suggested remarks are:

• “I’m exercising regularly, eating less and drinking lots of water.”

• “I’ve decided to take better care of myself and change some old habits.”


Keep in mind that as your body undergoes changes in weight and size, it is likely you may not see your body as others may view it. It takes time for your mind to catch up with what your body is doing. As you lose weight, you may actually be surprised when you see your reflection in a store window or mirror. You may not feel like that person is you! It is normal to feel like you are still the same size as you were before, but there are some definite ways to help you work through this:

  • Take a picture of yourself every few weeks during your weight loss and compare the changes.
  • Try on clothes in a smaller size. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will be changing sizes.
  • Have someone point out a person in a public place who is about your current size so you have a new frame of reference.
  • Take measurements of yourself every few weeks and record the results.
  • Save an outfit from your pre-op size and try is on every few weeks or whenever you need a lift.
  • Accept compliments graciously. Don’t minimize your weight loss. You have worked hard for the outcome for which you are being complimented. Simply say, “Thank you”.

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