Gastric Revision

Sometimes, an initial procedure may need to be revised. Reasons for revision include:

  • Mechanical failure of surgery
  • Regaining original weight lost
  • Failure of gastric banding including slippage of band or erosion/infection.

Our surgeons have performed hundreds of revision surgeries, giving our patients successful outcomes. Many times, a revision is exactly what a patient needs in order to be successful in their weight loss goals.

Pre-operative diagnostic tests may include:

  • Upper GI
  • Endoscopy
  • Blood Work

Sometimes a revision of a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve is necessary due to weight regain or mechanical failure of the original surgery. A gastric band may have to be removed due to failure of the band which includes erosion or slippage of the band. Many patients choose to convert to another bariatric procedure such as the gastric sleeve after the band has been removed and the body has time to heal from the band removal.

Revision of another bariatric procedure can result in more significant weight loss, allowing the patient to attain their goal weight.

As with any bariatric procedure, risks include blood clots and staple line leakage. The weight lost after a revisional surgery may sometimes be slower than the first procedure. The procedure may take longer due to adhesions and/or scar tissue from the first operation.