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Understand Your Body Mass Index (BMI) North Houston & The Woodlands

Balette Bariatric Center in The Woodlands, TX works with patients to help them create more healthy lifestyles.  It is important for all of our patients to understand their the health conditions.

The Body Mass Index, also referred to as BMI, is a measurement of the percentage of body fat versus lean muscle mass in your body. While there are specific truths for weight reduction which maintain correct for each males and ladies, the Body Mass Index uses distinctive and specific methods for measuring the actual BMI in every gender.

Weight Reduction Details

The most well-known and logical truth about reducing weight is: Your body should burn much more energy than it consumes. In case your diet and physical exercise strategy is ensuing in an equal quantity of energy becoming taken in and burned, you are sure to maintain your present weight. You’ll be able to rapidly and effectively monitor the success of your weight reduction efforts using the utilization of this particular web page that features the BMI Calculator for your fitness program. In case your diet and physical exercise strategy is effective, you’ll begin to see a reduce in your body fat percentage and a rise in your lean muscle mass mass. In the event you see little or no changes inside your weight loss calculator outcomes, you may have to modify your ideas and your adherence towards the goals you’ve set into place.

Body Mass Index – How to Understand It

The following diagram outlines BMI calculations and classifies each from a healthy life style to morbidly obese.

BMI Calculator