Points to Remember About Weight Loss Surgery

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The Woodlands, TX – Balette Bariatric Center – Points to Remember

Your decsion to visit Dr. Jason Balette in The Woodlands, TX about your bariatric surgery is a a personal one, we understand that.  We help our patients understand the pre and post surgical process.  Our focus is to help you improve the quality of yours and your loved ones life.

Here are a few points to remember…

  • Remember to focus on your internal assets, accomplishments, abilities, and honorable qualities. We are not just our bodies.
  • Don’t judge anyone based on their personal appearance, and don’t allow others to judge you based on your body size.
  • Take time out for yourself and your body. Listen to your favorite music, read, start a garden, choose a hobby – all will enhance your quality of life.
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams, which will assist you in targeting your great accomplishments. It feels good when dreams and goals are met. By keeping a journal of your weight loss experience, you may help you appreciate it down the road when you’ve met and maintained your goals.
  • Make and keep appointments with your surgeon.
  • Become involved with a support group – in person or online.

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