The Woodlands Weight Loss Surgery Recovery


You have made a wonderful and courageous decision to help yourself gain a healthy body, and you should be proud!


Support groups are a great way to share common experiences, meet new friends and problem solve together. The support group will be a wonderful source of encouragement and information as you “evolve” into the new, smaller, and healthier you. It is very helpful, especially during difficult times, to know you are not alone.

Post-operative depression is not uncommon. Many patients feel frustrated and somewhat weepy after surgery. This is a common occurrence and a normal part of the physical and emotional healing process. You may feel an emotional let down as your energy reserves are drained. This will pass. Within a few weeks to months your energy and positive attitude will return. If needed, seek psychological support and counseling and plan to attend Support Group Meetings. Visiting with other patients will help you feel better.

If you would like, while you are in the hospital, a representative from our support group can come to your room and answer questions you may have about the support group.