What Causes Obesity?

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The big obstacle to combat obesity is the fact that nearly “everyone thinks they know” why people getting obese and nearly “everyone thinks they know” what people should do in order to lose excessive body weight.

In reality, obesity is not the fault of just one “thing”. Obesity is American is driven by many factors. At Balette Bariatrics in Houston’s leading weight loss surgery center it is important that we help you prepare for your procedure by educating yourself.

Below is a short list of the factors that lead to obesity in America Today:

Genetic predisposition

  • Twin studies
  • Adopted children
  • “Obesity” gene


  • Leptin, Ghrelin
  • Decreased stretch receptors
  • Loss of satiety mechanism (hypothalamus)


  • Behavioral Family tradition
  • Food to comfort child Addiction


  • High/low income classes
  • Cultural views


  • Coping mechanism (i.e. stress, abuse)


  • Technology has decreased energy expenditure
  • Elevators, power windows, food delivery, remote controls, computers, Sony playstation, TV, cars